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Free Tutorial ~ Wire Wrapped Beaded Earrings

(Filed under "Earring" category)

This is the tutorial that I promised as a follow-up from my previous free tutorial ~  Wire Wrapped Beaded Adjustable Ring (filed under "Ring" category) 

~ Tools & Materials ~
20g anti-tarnish silver artistic wire (for frame)
 (or other wire of your choice)
28g anti-tarnish silver artistic wire (for wrapping)
2 x 8mm beads of your choice
Some seed beads or metal beads of your choice
2 pcs of ear nuts
Wire Cutter
Flat Nose/Round Nose Plier/
Jump ring mandrel, pen or ring mandrel (0.8mm - 0.9mm in diameter)
Ruler/Hammer/Metal Block/Sharpie marker/file

Alrite, if you're ready let's begin .......

Step 1
Working from the spool of 20g wire, coil the wire around the jump ring mandrel that has a diameter of 0.8mm (Remember, we're using 8mm beads.  If you use 6mm beads, then choose 0.6mm diameter on the mandrel)

Options for Step 1

If you do not have jump ring mandrel, try the ring mandrel.  Find the smallest point on ring mandrel (usually at the tip) and bring wire to coil around it.  Slowly take the coil off and place 8mm beads to test for fit (like in Step 6).  Wire can be a bit "springy".  So, if the fit is not right, you can always reinsert the coil back onto the mandrel and slide along the mandrel to enlarge or until you get the right fit.  

 Another option is to use a pen with a slightly broader/bigger in diameter.

Step 2
Measure & cut one end of the wire to about 1.5cm 
(this will be the ear post)
If you prefer a shorter ear post, you may cut it to about 1.2cm.

Step 3 
Mark the centre of the round frame with the Sharpie marker.
Then, cut the other end of the wire to about 0.5cm in length
 from the marked spot.
Re-shape frame by putting it back 
onto the jump ring maker.

Step 4
At the marked spot, use the chain nose plier
 to bend the ear post 90 degree outwards.

Step 5
Hammer the round frame slightly.
 By hammering, the frame will be enlarged by 0.2~0.3mm.  
Adjust the frame by putting it back to the jump ring maker
 to get a nice round shape.

Step 6
Check to see if the 8mm bead fits into the round frame.  There should be a little space for the 28g wire to go through when we do the coiling.  
If  there is insufficient space in between the frame and the bead,  re-shape the frame by putting it on the 0.9mm jump ring maker and adjust accordingly.

Step 7
Now, cut a piece of 28g wire measuring 15" long.
Begin wrapping the frame thrice at the left side of the ear post, leaving about 1" of the 28g wire.  Wrap towards the ear post, go behind and under the ear post towards the right side of the frame.  Keep on wrapping the overlapping part.

Go on .... keep on wrapping the whole frame.  I can wait. =)

Wrap it as neat as possible.
Half way through! Carry on .......

Step 8
Wrap until the wire meets up with the starting point. Trim the shorter wire with the wire cutter and press down neatly with chain nose plier. 
 DO NOT cut the long wire yet as we need it to attach the 8mm bead
 to the frame.

Step 9
Take the 8mm bead and insert it into the 28g wire 
so that we can attach it to the frame.

Step 10 
Bring the wire together with the 8mm bead,
 from the top to behind the frame, then down to the bottom.

Wrap the 28g wire a few times around the bottom frame. Once the bead is secured, trim the wire and press it down neatly with chain nose plier.

This is how it looks after the wire wrapping.
Let's go on to the next step.

Step 11
Now, cut a new length of 28g wire, measuring 15" long.  Wrap the wire like  you first wrapped the frame.  Make sure that the position of the wire in on top of the frame.  Leave the short wire for the moment.  You can trim it off once you've completed attaching the seed beads

Step 12
Inserting the seed beads.  As you can see from here, I inserted 4 beads and wrap it around the frame.  

The wire with the seed beads comes out from the space 
between the frame and the 8mm bead. Pull slowly so that the seed beads rest closely against the frame.  

Wrap it close to each other and as neatly as possible.  
Go on wrapping until you reach the other end.

There you go ... the wrapping is completed!

Wrap the remaining 28g wire around the frame once and go over the ear post to wrap it 3 - 4 times to complete the wrapping.

(Note:  Don't forget to trim the shorter wire and press down neatly with chain nose plier)

Trim the wire and press down with chain nose plier.

Smoothen the ends of the ear post with a file (I've used a finger nail file here)

Back view.
You may insert the ear nut now.

Front view.
Repeat the same steps for the other side.

Voila!  A new pair of wire wrapped beaded earrings/ear studs
 ready to be worn.

Note:  If you want to turn it into a dangle, just bend up the ear post, cut it slightly shorter and make a small loop then attach to ear wires.
(Above photographs taken with Nokia N97)

OK, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any questions pertaining  to this tutorial, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at  Please do share pictures of the earrings/rings that you have made.


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Chainmaille Flower Bracelet with Carved Flower Gemstone Bead

Just a brief update on what I did yesterday (for myself) .......  a chainmaille flower bracelet with carved flower gemstone bead as charm.   All the large and small jump rings are entirely handmade from artistic wire.  

(Pictures taken with Nokia N97)

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Back to playing with wires & seed beads .......

OMG!  I've been neglecting my blog again and surprisingly I've even nearly forgotten my own password. I have not been very hardworking in terms of "playing with wire" and seed beads because of other priorities.  Frankly speaking, not only my blog that I've been neglecting ...... my "plot of garden" in front and the back is overgrown with "lallangs" and unwanted plants!!

Anyway ..... that's that.

Just a few days ago, I received an email from Ms Bobbe Blessel enquiring about the wire wrapped adjustable beaded ring which was posted in's website and would like to share what she has written ~

"Just had to write and tell you what an inspiration you have been to me.  I was just looking at your pattern for the wire wrapped adjustable beaded ring on all free beaded jewelry.  Wow!!!  I have been wanting to do the wire wrapping but was feeling that all the other patterns were just not giving me the confidence to be able to do it.  After going through the pattern I know I can.  Just loved the earrings to!  If you have other patterns for sale somewhere on the internet I would love to know where they are.  As I said I have not done this before but would love to be able to do the earrings also but don't have a clue how to get it started.  Know the basics of the pattern because you explained it so well.  If I could get the pattern I would be so appreciative to get it.  

Again thank you, thank you for giving me the confidence."  

I have replied to her and have asked her to share with me the picture of her ring should she make an attempt at it.  

Here's the picture of my wire wrapped adjustable beaded ring and the earrings.   The free tutorial for the former is available in my blog, posted under category "Ring".

 Wire Wrapped Beaded Earrings

Wire Wrapped Adjustable Beaded Ring

Now that Ms Bobbe has reminded me,  I think I'll do the tutorial for the beaded earrings as well to make it complete.  

So, stay tune for the BEADED EARRINGS tutorial.  Now ..... have to get back to some serious stuff like "playing with wire" and seed beads, getting my garden organised, etc., etc,.. ;)

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful week ahead!

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