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Teardrop Shape Coiled Filigree Earrings (Gift for a Bride)

19th January 2014 (Sunday) @ 9.42pm

Hi everyone!  How has it been?  I know I've been staying from my blog for quite awhile now.  Call me lazy if you want ..... Actually, it was my handphone that was giving me the trouble.  I took quite a lot of photos but it just wouldn't let me upload them to the computer.  So, looks like I have to use the camera to snap photos of my pretties from now onwards.  

Was also  quite busy during the last semester school break of 2013 doing a little bit of this and that and took a  week-long vacation in Singapore, for which I have not visited since my eldest son was 7 months old (19 years ago).  Now it's the month of January of  2014, year of the horse.  Generally, 2013 was extremely good, being that I created quite a few wire jewelry tutorials and opened an Etsy Shop to sell my tutorials.   I wonder what the year of the wood horse will bring me this year ......  Anyway, it's still too early to tell what's gonna happen, right?  

Here's are a few photos I managed to upload from my camera of a pair of teardrop shape coiled filigree earrings which I completed in record time of 5 hours before wrapping it up for gifting to a bride that particular evening.  

Here are the photos for sharing.  

If there is anyone interested in learning this coiled filigree earrings, here's the link to my Etsy shop

Hope I will put in more effort in updating my blog more often.  So, have to be extremely hardworking in producing more pretties and uploading them here.  Chinese New Year is around the corner again this year, on 31/1/2014 and hopefully will only be back right after the festival with more pretties.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !  :)   =)   :D

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