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26th July 2013 (Friday) @ 8.07pm

Daisy Lace Ear Studs Tutorial 
(Design by Emily Tan)

Price:  USD 5
(Payment via PAYPAL)

This printable PDF format document which is for a beginner to intermediate level, consists of 13 pages and more than 40 step-by-step photos with instructions.  File size is 1.79MB.

This tutorial is available now as instant download at 

If you have any enquiries pertaining to the above tutorial,  please email me at

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Free Tutorial ~ Twisted Wire Beaded Cross Pendant

23rd July 2013 (Tuesday) @ 8.52pm

Hello!  I'm sharing here, a tutorial on how to make a Twisted Wire Beaded Cross Pendant.  
It's a simple pendant using a length of wire, some seed beads and basic twisting technique.  You need to have basic knowledge of wire twisting and wire wrapping techniques, and the fun part is that it will only take you about 10 - 15 minutes to complete. 


 A pair of Twisted Wire Beaded Cross Earrings made in a smaller version.

Ok, let's get started ...............

(Pendant size ~  Approximately 3cm x 5.5cm)

22g wire
11/0 size seed beads of your choice
Wire cutter
Round nose plier
Flat nose/bend nose plier
Nylon jaw plier (optional)

2.  Cut a length of 22g wire, measuring 24cm long.
Straighten/smoothen it with nylon jaw plier.

3.  Bend/fold the wire in half and leave a little space as shown.

4.  Insert the seed beads into one of the wires until it is about 2.5cm long.  I've inserted 13 seed beads here.  If you want it to be longer, then add a few more.  

5.  Twist both wires together & secure the twisted length of beads (I have 15 seed beads on this twisted wire) by twisting the wire once at the top.  You can use your fingers or the nylon jaw plier to twist but do not put too much pressure as you may break the seed beads.  

6.  Spread out both wires ~  one to the left & the other to the right, as shown. 
 Insert 7 beads.   

7.  Next, bend/fold down the wire just after the seed beads as shown.

8.  Again, twist both wires simultaneously with your fingers or nylon jaw plier.
 Be careful not to break the seed beads.

9.  Repeat the same for the other side.
  It doesn't matter which side you do first.  Bring the two straight wires
 to meet in the centre and bend them upwards.  

10.  Again, insert 7 seed beads into one of the wires and twist both together.

 11.  Secure the beads with 2 wraps to the top and trim excess wire.

12.  Make a wrap loop with the other wire and you're done.  

 You've completed a simple pendant which can be worn with 
your favourite chain or cord.  

NB:  The photos were taken with my Nokia N97 and these are the best shots that I've selected.  

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Hand Crochet Mini Seashell Necklace

18th July 2013 (Thursday) @ 9.32pm

Phew!  At last I got these pictures uploaded here. 
 Was having trouble uploading it since last week.  

These tiny seashells caught my eyes while I was browsing through some items in a shop and immediately I knew what I wanted to do with them.   Instead of using normal beads, I've used seed beads and the mini seashells in different sizes and crocheted  it with monofilament fishing line.  The coiled end cones, clasp and jump rings are all handforged with anti-tarnish silver plated artistic wire. 

Hand Crochet Mini Seashells Necklace

Thanks for looking!

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In the mood for crafting but then ......

12th July 2013 (Friday) @ 4.45pm

Hello again every one!  

I'm back and in the mood for crafting but then something happened and my attempts at crafting was postponed.  The reason being my right thumb was bitten by a stray cat that I fed and played with daily but it had decided not to be friendly to me on that particular day.  The doctor gave me a jab and some antibiotics and tablets to bring down the swelling.  The thumb is now on it's road to recovery but I still couldn't hold my tools properly, so crafting will have a wait a little while longer.  

I tried to post some pictures here of a necklace which I completed a week ago but some how the photos just didn't want to appear.  I hope this will not happen again when I update my blog later.

This is just a short update to inform that  I've not stopped crafting but will resume after I solve the problem.

Until then, have a cheery &  wonderful weekend!

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