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Hello to January 2015

4th January 2015

Hello everyone!   I know I have not been very productive for the year 2014 and has been lacking behind in updating my blog.  I hope to come back to it soon after I have some personal affairs settled and everything back to "really normal" in my life.  

The year 2014 in my opinion has not been good to me and as I am typing this post, my mind is wandering to the affairs that I have to solve.  I can't help but to say I have sleepless nights and loss of appetite over this.  

So, I am taking this opportunity to make this short announcement that I would be taking a very, very long break from updating my blog until I sort out the affairs.  I will not be crafting jewelry but for those who are interested in purchasing my wire jewelry tutorials, you may go to my etsy shop   If you have any inquiries, you can email me at and I will get back to you ASAP, provided my internet connection is not down.  

Thank you for reading this and for  being patient with me.

I would  also like to this this opportunity to wish everyone who comes across this blog

Happy New Year 2015

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