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Hello, hello ...... Welcome home to myself

9th May 2015 (Saturday) @ 9.07am

Gosh!  It's been about 4 long months since I last updated my blog.  Been busy doing this and that in between those months.  I've also been away far too long from wire jewelry crafting and have been doing a little bit of crocheting and trying to learn new stitches.  I've only known how to do the basic crochet stitches like the single crochet, double crochet and was not really aware of other stitches/patterns like the broomstick, ribbed, hairpin lace, chevron, star, etc. etc....

Anyway,  here are two photos of the filigree coiled earrings which I last crafted  just for sharing.  It's been listed for sale in my Etsy shop, together with my other wire jewelry making tutorials.

100% crafted with silver plated anti tarnish artistic wire and Swarovski bicone crystals.

Alrite, now going back to finishing a scarf I crocheted this week.  Hope to update again soon with photos of the scarf.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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