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22nd January 2013, Tuesday @ 4.22pm

Hello there ..... here I am again.

  I have not been able to create any jewelries as I've been busy with personal matters, one of which being my 82 year old mum who had fallen and fractured her upper arm.  So, for the time being, wire jewelry making has to take a back seat for she's my first priority now.

Here is something I want to share though. 
 I was informed by Ms Kelly Spence, the Editor or AllFreeJewelryMaking
that my jewelry project was included on the AllFreeJewelryMaking list of the
 Top 100 DIY Jewelry Patterns of 2012! 
 This list is made up of the AllFreeJewelryMaking projects
 that received the most traffic in 2012, so you can be sure
 that these projects are true reader-favorites. 

You can visit the page here:
You can click on this badge, too to go directly to the website.
Gotta go for now ..... but I will be back!
Thank you for taking the time to read and have a wonderful week.

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What is Soutache?

13th January 2013, Sunday @ 5.10pm

What is SOUTACHE?  

A SOUTACHE (as defined by Wikipedia) is a narrow flat braid trim used to decorate clothing fabric upholstery or drapery.  The braided trim may also be used to hide a seam in a piece of clothing as well as for decorations.  Today, many people are using soutache to cover the hem of bridal veils or to create floral patterns.  The thread/cords used to make a soutache come in many colours and are often made of natural fabrics such as silk and wool.  Now, the colourful cords are also used in jewelry making.  

Remember this CHINESE BUTTON EARRINGS which I posted a long time ago. I bought it at a craft shop in town and it struck my mind that it is also using the braided cord/trim but it combines with CHINESE KNOTTING.

The braided cord used here is 0.2mm thin and it is mostly glued to each other together with the beads. 

Ok ... gotta do some research on it as well as to find source of supply for the braided cord.  

Thanks for dropping by & having a productive week ahead!

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Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013

9th January 2013, Thursday @ 9.15am

Hello, hello..... to all.  How is every one getting on with the new year?  So, did you start the year 2013 with a bang?  Me?  Nope.  The new year has just begun and am sorry to say that I am feeling rather exhausted already.  

I have just completed 2 tutorials (a pendant & a bracelet, at intermediate/ advance level) for my wire jewelry class as there's been a request for it and for which I will be conducting from home.  So, didn't have much time to create any other jewelries.  Moreover, the new school semester has just begun last week and Chinese New Year is fast approaching.  

Keeping in mind there are eleven a half months (+ or -) remaining, I've also written down many items that I attempt to execute in my "Things To Do" list, for example, to learn to make SOUTACHE jewelry,


Knitted Beaded Purse by my former student & friend, Agnes Ang.

to learn how to knit/crochet a beaded purse/bag, to make peyote stitch bracelet, to write more wire jewelry tutorials, etc, etc.   But, somehow or rather, my passion/interest would always bring me back to
 crafting wire jewelry.

  Last but not least, I also found out that my latest tutorial "Filigree Pendant Tutorial" which was submitted to (XD Designs) have been picked as one of the tutorial of the week at

Am I boring you with my ramblings?
 I hope not, as for the moment, this is all I can share with you.  

Excuse me, I need to go load the washing machine
 & make preparation for lunch.  

Happy reading, happy crafting & have a wonderful week ahead.  

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