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In the mood for crafting but then ......

12th July 2013 (Friday) @ 4.45pm

Hello again every one!  

I'm back and in the mood for crafting but then something happened and my attempts at crafting was postponed.  The reason being my right thumb was bitten by a stray cat that I fed and played with daily but it had decided not to be friendly to me on that particular day.  The doctor gave me a jab and some antibiotics and tablets to bring down the swelling.  The thumb is now on it's road to recovery but I still couldn't hold my tools properly, so crafting will have a wait a little while longer.  

I tried to post some pictures here of a necklace which I completed a week ago but some how the photos just didn't want to appear.  I hope this will not happen again when I update my blog later.

This is just a short update to inform that  I've not stopped crafting but will resume after I solve the problem.

Until then, have a cheery &  wonderful weekend!

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