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17th June 2013 (Monday) @ 9.03pm

Look what I found in my two craft boxes!  

An incomplete cross-stitch embroidery of an English woman.  I must have been keeping this cloth for more than 15 years as I remember starting doing it when my children was much younger.  I had abandoned it half way as I had other priorities.  As you can see, I started my stitching from the bottom.    I wonder if I still have the patience and time to continue cross-stitching again.   This piece is going into the craft box again!

A flower loom with pattern guide.  Did a table runner with this flower loom years ago but it has since gone missing!  

Didn't remember buying this - Micro macrame pattern guide.  I have wanted to learn micro macrame and since I have this guide, I can now use my leftover embroidery floss to practice it.

Cross stitch &  bead stitch plans/guides and  embroidery floss.  
I still have more of these in the files.

I miss working with my wires already and my hands are itching to hold the tools.  
 I'll start crafting again when the mood is right.  By the way, another tutorial is in the making, so do check my blog from time to time.

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful week ahead!

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