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Diamond Shape Diny Lacey Earrings

Completed this pair of earrings two days ago but did not post the pictures until today. The lazy bug hit me for the past few days and am now suddenly feeling a bit giddy.... well anyway...

This earring is not for sale as it's for my personal collection. It is my most favourite pair so far. It's made of anti tarnish silver artistic wire and the diamond shape frame is surrounded by sterling silver beads. I just loved the lacey part in the middle surrounding the turquoise round flat bead. The ear wires are also hand formed and I made a bit longer as my ear lobe is thick and the ear hole is pricked at a higher level of the ear lobe.

Don't know when I'll be wearing it as I prefer to wear ear studs all the time. Maybe I'll keep it until a special occassion calls for it.

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