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Eni Oken Coiled Bangle ~ Completed

Phew... finally a heavy load has been lifted. Am talking about the unfinished Eni Oken Coiled bangle which I posted previously in my blog.

I've finally completed the bangle a few days ago but didn't have time to post it until now. I was in a lazy mood last Sunday but having not much to do on a weekend, I decided to embark on my "mission" - to complete this particular bangle no matter what it takes.

As Eni has stated in her tuts, this intricate and extraordinary bangle is not for the faint of heart. I've put long hours into making it, from selecting the beads to the end product. It ook me more than 2 days (with breaks and interruptions in between) to hand coil each of the framed beads. At times I have difficulty coiling b'coz I wrapped the wire frames too close to the particular beads. Although it is made of wire, this bangle is very flexible. As this piece is my prototype, I didn't add the extra beads in between and around the beads while coiling the frames but I can assure you that Eni's bangle is awesome.

BIG & BOLD is the word for this bangle.

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