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3-D Layer Vine Ring with Reversible Weave

Hmm.......Zzzzz.......waited for more than half an hour just to upload these pictures! While waiting for it to be uploaded, I 'went' elsewhere.
I luv...luv...luv this ring! Sad to say it's not my design as it belongs to Mohd Hilmi of It was sometime ago that I got his tutorial but does not have the guts to make an attempt at it as it looked complicated to me at THAT time. Now that its been done, I find it's not that intimidating at all.

You can wear it either way.

The above crafted with natural copper artistic wire, turquoise teardrop shape bead,
red coral and 14K gold filled beads.

This piece is done with combination of copper and brass coloured artistic wire
with Crazy Lace Agate Teardrop shape bead and 14K gold filled beads.

Thanks for looking & have a nice day!

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