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There goes my weekend........

Oh boy!! Am I dead tired!
There goes my weekend and the one last week.
Been busy....yeah, pretty busy, not with the wires and tools in my hands but doing the spring cleaning for the whole house for the coming chinese new year. Also accompanied hubby for his cataract operation on both eyes
and I turned into a nurse right after that
as I have to apply eye drops for him every two to three hours.
Yesterday and today was spent marketing for the ingredients and vegetables and cutting them to make my "Acar" (Picked Mixed Vegetables, to be taken with keropok). This will go on for straight four days until I fulfill all my orders. This chore occurs every year nearing the chinese new year.
These (from top: Banded brown/white Agate Rice-shaped, Rose Quartz Focal Marquise-shaped bead & Ocean Jasper Focal Marquise-shaped bead) arrived a few days ago but have not decided what to do with them just yet.

I hope to find some time right after the chinese new year to start crafting again. My hands are now "itchy" and eyes darting across to my work table but I guess it'll have to wait a little longer. May have to pack away all my beads and the lots to another room until after the festival.

Alrite... I think I'll have to start cutting the vegetables again, ironing, etc. and if time permits, I'll put up the new year decorations.

Until then....... thank you for taking the time reading this. =p

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