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Handmade Wire Wrapped Earrings & Pendants

Hello there.... it's been quite awhile since I last updated my blog. I've been busy crafting as well as doing a little bit of this and that in between. So...for the time being, here are a few pictures of my pretties that I wanna share.
For your information, my pretties are also available at
(Marketplace for Independent Handmade Artist)
under the name EmilySecretPassions.
So, log on to the mentioned site and see what other
handmade items from other artists are available)

Free form wire 5-petal flower earrings, handcrafted with brass artistic wire and adorned with Swarovski round crystals and bicones. The above earrings can be custom made to your request with other colour wire & beads.

Vintage-looking netted background Mookaite Gemstone Carved Flower Pendant
with handmade links as chain (top & bottom pics). There are also few other pendants available at

Viking knitting technique teardrop shape earrings

Galaxy Earrings, handcrafted with natural copper artistic wire & adorned with yellow Cat's Eye beads (also available in other colours)'s back to crafting again right after this as there's a few other tutorials that I wanna try out.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful week ahead.

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