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Free Tutorial ~ Wire Wrapped Beaded Adjustable Ring

Whoah ........... at last I managed to upload these pictures! (it gave me a sense of accomplishment!). It took me about half an hour to upload these pictures as initially I didn't know how to upload them in proper sequence and I had to delete and upload them all over again. NOW I KNOW what it's like to do a tutorial!

So..... this is the tutorial that I promised ~ a Wire Wrapped Beaded Adjustable Ring. This simple and easy ring is for those who have learned the basics of wirework and would like to try this out. It looks similar to the "Opposites Attract" Ring that I crafted awhile back but this one uses crystals/pearls/gemstone beads and seed beads, and of course, wire.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Adjustable Ring
(Free tutorial on wire wrapped beaded earrings/ear studs available under "earring" category)

Ok, let's start ......... =)

Tools & Materials:

18 gauge artistic wire (colour of your choice)
26/28 gauge artistic wire (for this ring I use 26g)
2 x 8mm beads of your choice
Some seed beads
Flush Cutter
Round Nose Plier
Chain Nose
Ring Mandrel
Marker Pen

Step 1

~ Making the ring base ~

Cut a piece of 18 gauge artistic wire measuring 7" long.
Centre the wire onto the ring mandrel for your finger size as seen in the pic.
Make sure there's equal length on both sides of remaining wire.

Step 2

Turn/shape the wire into a teardrop/paisley shape using the marker pen (as shown)
It will look like the picture below.

(Note: When using smaller or bigger beads, adjust the width frame according to your style)

Let's go to the next step ..............

Step 3

Use your round nose plier to make a small loop at the end of the teardrop shape.
Do the same for the opposite side.

Step 4

~ Coiling ~

Measure and cut about 5 feet of the 26 gauge wire to start coiling the whole ring base. If you have a larger finger size, you may want to cut slightly longer than 5 feet.
Start coiling at which ever end you prefer or comfortable with.

The completed coiled base, with slightly more than 12" of excess wire.
Please do not cut this wire as we're going to use it to wrap/coil the seed beads onto the base.

Step 5

~ Attaching the 8mm beads ~

Cut a piece of 26g wire, measuring 2"
Slip an 8mm round bead through the wire & place it in the middle. Place the bead & 26g wire in the middle of the frame or where the bead can be fitted in.
Wrap both sides of the frame twice with the 26g wire & bring it back to the front
to wrap it around itself twice.
Trim the excess 26g wire with a cutter & press it against the frame
with your chain nose plier.
Do the same for the opposite side.

(Note: You may use your own preferred method to attach the beads)

Let's take a look at Step 6 ......

Step 6

~ Coiling/wrapping the seed beads ~

Use the excess coiling wire (from Step 4) to start wrapping the seed beads.
Make a couple of wraps near the loop & start inserting your seed beads. I use 3 seed beads in alternating colours to make it more interesting.
After inserting the seed beads, wrap it around the frame, bring the wire from front to back and on top of the frame. Insert another 3 seed beads and start wrapping the same way until you reach the other end near the loop
where you started.
Make sure that the seed beads are on top of the frame.

Wrap the 26g wire a few times around the loop (as shown) and trim of any excess wire.
Don't forget to press the wire against the frame with your chain nose plier.

Start wrapping the seed beads for the other side by cutting a piece of new 26g wire, measuring 12 inches. Please follow Step 6.

Back view of the ring, as neat as the front.
You may want to adjust the ring on the mandrel again for the right fit.

Voila! You're Done!

Below are a couple of pictures that I've done with this technique. I have since made a few rings and stud earrings with different colours to match my wardrobe.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Stud Earrings

Wire Wrapped Beaded Adjustable Ring (with gemstone)

How I wish I could have more pictures to accompany this step by step tutorial.
Well, anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or anything else regarding the work you see here, please do not hesitate to email me at

Have a wonderful week ahead ! =)

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soapybeader said...

Beautifull...I will try this.
I love how you can match your wardrobe.
Thank You Very Much for sharing this tutorial
Halina in Australia

Unknown said...

thank you for this tutorial you explained it so well.i am disabled and dyslexic and understood it thru all the steps.the best thing about having a gift is sharing it so thanx again.

Emily's Secret Passions said...

Thank you for the comments. Appreciate it.

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