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Beaded Bezel Jasper Cabochon Pendant ~ Personal Collection

Today is Sunday, 11th September 2011 and the whole house is so quiet and peaceful and this is what I like the most. With children and hubby out of the house except for mum and myself, I can do just about anything in a quiet environment. Have not been doing much for the past two weeks though, except for a little bit of this and that.

The picture below is of a beaded bezel Jasper cabochon pendant which I made for myself. A very simple pendant which hangs from a matching crocheted beaded rope necklace. The 30 x 40mm cabochon is large enough to attract attention.

In the meantime this piece will be kept away until an opportunity calls for it.

I've been away too long from my wires and I missed them although I can see "them" peeking at me from their rightful place on my table. Hopefully, I'll be playing with "them" again in no time.

So, in the meantime, have a wonderful Monday and a productive week ahead.

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