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Handmade Wirework Jewelry ~ Large size Earrings

15th February 2013 (Thursday) @ 9.07pm

Here are a couple of large size earrings I completed during the week-long holiday.  

 Freeform wire wrapping with silver artistic wire
 and Tourmaline Gemstone Chips

Measurement:  Oval link is 4.9cm long and 2.9cm wide
6.6cm from top of ear wire

Price would be made available upon enquiry.

The famous Tree of Life earrings handcrafted from silver plated artistic wire and adorned with lapis lazuli gemstone chips/labradorite rondelle and swarovski crystals.

Measurement:  Oval component is about 4.8cm long.
From bottom loop of ear wire, it is 6.2 cm long

Please email me for price.

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