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Handmade Wire Jewelry ~ Wire Wrapped Celtic Ear Studs

8th February 2014 @ 1.22pm

A customer of mine shared this photo via email last November and I decided to share it here in my blog.  She ordered from me my first celtic design ear studs and some wire wrapped pendants 4 years ago.  Yup, you heard it right ......... it was 4 years ago and she told me that the ear studs and other items in her possession are still in good condition and that the anti-tarnish copper colour coated wires used to make them have also not lose it's shine.  

 It showed that she has been taking good care of the pretties all these while.  She recently ordered some more pretties to be made for herself and as well as for gifting.  Thank you, dear (I do not want to mention name but you know who you are) for your support all these years.  

Here are the links to the photos of the celtic ear studs and pendants  she ordered 

Thank you for reading!   Have a wonderful weekend.  

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