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Hello.......... I'm Back

Yoohoo........ I'm back after the chinese new year festival. Well, I've been away from my work table for more than two weeks now and I've just unpack my craft box which I packed away in another room. Now that it is out again, I guess I'll be back to "work" crafting.
These pictures below are what I've been busy a week before the CNY. This wokful of "Acar" (pickled vegetables with pounded ingredients) were for my regular customers who orders them yearly for their own consumption as well as gift for friends/relatives. I made four wokful of it and it was like madness that I cut and sliced kilos and kilos of vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, long beans, carrots, etc) as well as shallots, garlic, tumeric, lemon grass, etc. in preparation for the pounded ingredients.

All packed into containers and ready for collection.

I am now ready to start crafting again, firstly with a few commissioned pieces for a boutique and as well as some pieces that I'll be posting in my blog later on.

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