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Corra's Snowflakes Earrings

SUNDAY is supposed to be a rest day but not for me. Just got back from Jusco after fetching my son from his badminton training session. While trying to depart from Jusco building, my parking ticket got rejected by the machine as it was unable to read the bar code on the card and I couldn't move anywhere while behind, long queue of cars were waiting for me to drive off. Luckily, no one made an attempt to honk me. Told my children to get down and inform the security guard at the entrance and after waiting for five minutes or so, I managed to leave the car park. Well............. so much about that.

Posted below are pictures of two pairs of earrings I completed which resulted from Corra Liew's Snowflakes Earrings Tutorial. This is a simple and elegant Snowflakes Earrings using Wired Chinese Knot. To see more of Corra's creations, go to

I dumped many, many pieces before successfully completing these two pairs. Broke the wires along the way while trying too hard to attach the beads. My fingers were itching to do the third pair after the successful attempt but I managed to stop myself from doing them. I then told myself, "Hey, Emily, you can try them out again whenever you have the time".

Crafted with anti tarnish silver and brass artistic wires and embellished with metal beads, swarovski pearls and bicones.
Length: 1.5 inches, from top of ear wire

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