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Addicted to Viking Knitting technique ...

Oops.......I've done it again - the disappearing act, I mean. Didn't learn any new techniques lately but got myself addicted with the viking knitting technique. Have I gone crazy or what......?
When I first purchased the tutorial (from Jan Raven), I was a little intimidated by the technique and was wondering where I could get the draw plate (the wooden tool to draw the cord) with various sizes drilled into them. Finally I found an idea ....... the small wooden plank/board my son had used to practice his Taekwon-do kicking/punching technique and as I don't have a drill at home, I had requested nicely to someone to drill the various holes for me.

So, here are a couple of pics that I took of the bangles/bracelets that I completed few days ago.

They're hand knitted with brass and silver plated anti-tarnish copper artistic wire and adorned with Murano Glass Beads in red and black and finished with 3D Tulip end caps and handforged clasp.
I kind of like this bangle and would probably do one for myself later.
I don't know when I'll be able to update my blog again as I'll be busy for the next one week or so as I've got some projects to complete for a charity bazaar organised by the Leo Club in KL. But definitely, I'll be back.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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