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Hello...hello... I'm back but still facing the same problem with the function of the keyboard. Couldn't resolve the problem so I could only get the correct alphabets that I wanted when I press the Shift + Ctrl keys simultaneously. I was feeling so frustrated for the past one week or so due to this but nevertheless I was able to complete some wirework projects.

School holidays are here to stay for another month or so until the school term reopens on 3rd January, if am not mistaken. I'm stuck here in Seremban with no where to go.... but it's good, though, I can carry out more wirework crafts. Christmas is another 22 days more to go...... so am sure everyone is busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones. And we'll be ushering in the year 2011 (Year of the Rabbit) right after that. Talking 'bout festivals, the Chinese New Year will also take place, in the first week of February 2011. Can't imagine how fast time flies!!! And it'll be another year for me since starting this jewelry blog.

So.... enough of my ramblings. I'll be updating my blog with some pictures of my pretties that I've completed as consignment pieces.

Until then..... have a nice and enjoyable weekend!

And happy shopping........ everyone.

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