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More of Mookite Carved Flower Pendant - Consignment Piece

Today is Sunday and I don't have to cook. Just for today, I'll "ta pau" and it's not
that I do this very often though. The children and my nieces are out to watch "Narnia"
and my whole house is like so quite, except for the sound from the tv and
the queen mother (aka my mum) watching the program, C.S.I.
You must be wondering why I am making a repetition of this. Well........ I like the carved flower too much to stash it away ;). Oh... by the way, there's more to come... in the form of a bracelet
which I made for myself.

This one' s adorned with Mookite Gemstone but of a different colour combination, of red and yellow.
The focal bead is accompanied by turquoise, carnelian, coral, Czech leave beads as well as onyx.
I've used Gun Metal Artistic Wire and a matching viking knitted rope necklace to go with the pendant.
Thanks for looking!

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