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Beaded Stitched Bracelet ...... with seed beads

Okay, a couple of stuff that I got done over the weekend ..........

This is my first bead stitched bracelet (Colour Swirls) from Marcie Abney's design (Beadwork Magazine, June/July 2010). The pattern of swirling colours in this fluid bracelet makes them complex, the look is easy to achieve by stitching multi-coloured rounds of circular peyote stitch.

I made many pieces but a few was unsuccessful due to broken seed beads as needle tried to pass through the holes and had to stitch them all over again.
I got carried away after the first bracelet and did another piece just to practice on the technique (as they say.... practice makes perfect, right?)

These bracelets are so light in weight that you don't realise wearing
it on your wrist.

Thanks for looking !

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