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Happy Chinese New Year ....... January 23rd, 2012

Hi there!  Am back here again .... just to wish everyone 
A Very Happy Chinese New Year.
As you all know, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and every one is busy in preparations for the coming festival which falls on the 23rd of January.  There's so many things to be done, eg. washing and cleaning the house, baking cookies, decorating, buying essential items, etc.  I wonder why we must wait till this day to do the washing and cleaning and painting (for some). Blah.....blah......blah....

The new peony flowers as decoration for this year but using old vase, old bamboo sticks and old new year hangings to save $$$$$.

Ok... I'll have to go for now. 
 Till then,  hope all of you will enjoy yourself during this festival and have a safe journey to where your destination is.

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