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Welcome 2012 .....

Welcome 2012 ....... 
Can you believe it's the new year?  What happened in 2011 and where did it go?  As the dust settled and pave way to a brand new year greeted by fireworks, revellers said goodbye to the old year with rejoiced in the promise of opportunities, hopes and dreams that come with all new beginnings.  While 2011 was an uneventful year, hopefully 2012 will hold
 the promise of better things.  

I would like to share with you an article by Bridget Menezes (The Sun, 2nd January 2012) 


With the start of the new year, it is time again for resolutions.  How many of us genuinely keep our resolutions?  

For me, it is either ever or never.  Some say that they will do it tomorrow.  But that tomorrow may never come. 

Today, we can't trust our bodies.  There is a discipline for everything, but no discipline for death.

Hold that determined thought - that I have to do it;  do or die.  Whatever you have to do today, do it now.  It is now or never.  

If you fail, start again,  Don't look at failure as a permanent defeat, but consider it as a pause.

A pause is part of the journey of life which helps us to gather energy and move on.

Determination is being focused, not scattered;  never allowing laziness or excuses to enter.

Ask yourself:  "Why am I here?  What do I want out of life?"

Tell yourself:  "I want to lead a purposeful life and I am prepared to face difficulties."

It is good not to make too many pledges.  You will not remember them, much less put them into practice.  Just one or two will do and stick to them.  Never compromise your discipline because of someone.

Determination does not bring success instantly but with patience and faith, it will happen.

To promise means to bring benefit to the self and others.  With determination, there is no termination.  It is translating challenges into opportunities.

So...... what's your new year resolutions?  

A very happy and blessed new year to all my friends. =)

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