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Handmade Jewelry ~ Ocean Jasper Gemstone Wire Wrapped Pendant

14th June, 2012 (Thursday)

The last pendant (Sunburst) I made was some time ago and since I have breaks in between some house chores and sending/fetching the children to/from school, I made this.  I have not tried making any jewelries with this shape before ~ a marquise focal gemstone which measures about 50cm from top to bottom.  These gemstones came in a strand, therefore have varying measurements, colours and no two beads are alike.    

Initially, I was a bit hesitant using this focal bead but it turned out very nicely.  I hand-coiled the wires surrounding the frame, wire wrapped Swarovski black bicone crystals and the ball ends are actually silver metal beads inserted into the wire and tucked in.  

I have since made another piece, also a marquise shape but of a different colour.   So, stay tune ....... =)

Thanks for dropping by!

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