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Necklace Style & Length Guide


You can buy necklaces in a number of various lengths.  Generally speaking, shorter necklaces flatter long necks, while long necklaces are nicer for smaller necks.  The length and styles are as follows:  

Collar ~  12 - 13 inches
A collar go best with V-neck, boat neck, or off the shoulder necklines.

Choker ~  14 - 16 inches
The most versatile of all single strand lengths.  A simple choker can go with just about any neckline and can be worn for any occassion.  If you have a slightly wider neck, a princess length will fit more comfortably than a choker.

Princess ~  17 - 19 inches
The princess length is best suited for crew & high necklines.  Also compliments low plunging necklines.  Princess lengths look great with pendants.  Please keep in mind that necklaces with a heavy pendant will hang slightly longer and an 18 inch necklace will hang further down further down on a petite woman.

Matinee ~  20 - 25 inches
The matinee necklace is very sophisticated and is commonly used for casual or business dressing.  

Opera ~  26 - 36 inches
When the opera length is used as a single strand, it is refined and perfect for high or crew necklines.  This length can also be doubled and serve as a two strand choker.  

Rope ~  37 inches or longer
Lariats (without clasp) ~  40" or longer

This length can be worn as multi strand necklace or a multi strand bracelet.  Both rope and lariat can be over 45 inches long, but the ends of a lariat are left unattached for knotting or wrapping around the neck (similar to a scarf).  Lariats can also be worn around the waist.  

These are approximate lengths and may vary depending on each individual.

I hope the above guidelines will be of great help when choosing for the right necklace style and length.  

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