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Handmade ~ Crochet Covered Stones (Mixed Media: Stone/Thread)

22nd March 2013 (Friday) @ 9.58am

I am so totally in love with this - Crochet Covered/Lace Stones.  I've been eyeing on the crochet covered stones for as long as I can remember  after seeing them on Pinterest and Etsy and just had to try it out myself.  So, with some stones in the garden and some left over balls of thread from previous projects, I started crocheting without delay.  

I made one and couldn't stop and ended up with this lot!  They are now sitting on top of the coffee table in my living hall.

They are great as pretty decorations in the home, as paperweight or if very large, as a door stopper.   They also make awesome, unique, handmade gifts.  

Okay, I am definitely making myself some more of these!!!  =)  And looks like I am going to use up all the stones I have in the garden and if that is not enough, I will have to go and source for the stones.  

Thank you for visiting and reading this.  Have a wonderful weekend every one !!

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mycreationandinspiration said...

nice work.It is become habit and want to paint or crochet all stones :)I made some of them with different patterns.

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