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Hand Sewn Clam Shell Accessories Container

13th April 2013 (Saturday) @ 4.08pm

This is a project I did yesterday night and completed this morning.  It's called a Clam Shell Accessories Container.  You can store/keep your earrings, bracelets, small items such as coins, etc. in this container.   No sewing machine is required to complete this project.  It's all hand sewn from the very beginning to the finished product.  I bought the template in 2 sizes ie. small & medium and came with written instructions but didn't use it as I wanted to try it out first and see how it looks and whether I could complete it.    

I used the small size plastic template to draw the shapes on to cardboard.  It consists of 3 large and 3 small pieces that has to be covered with batting and fabric.  I am not a sewing person, so considering that I have to sew this container by hand is quite surprising.  It's not very neat though, as you can see the thread peeking out from the fabric.  

The cardboard that I used was quite thick and not so flexible,  so I had slight difficulty in opening the clam shell.  Nevertheless, it came out alright.  I'll be keeping some of my small ear studs and earrings in it for the time being until I make a proper one using the plastic template.  

Now back to other projects that I have in mind ........ 

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful weekend! =)

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