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Incomplete Projects ~ Bead Weaving and Bead Embroidery

29th August 2013 (Thursday) @ 8.54pm

Hi there!  I'm back!  
This time I'm sharing with you a couple of photos of incomplete projects which I did some time ago but did not get to complete it due to other distractions.  I "dug" it out from my "Incomplete Project" box and decided to share it here, until I have something new to update.  

Two teardrop cabochons with peyote stitch techniques and
 a bead crochet rope waiting for it's turn to be done.

A bead embroidered pendant (prototype) using seed beads, gemstone chips
 and an oblong bead as the focal.  I bead embroidered it around a felt and
 finished it off using picot stitch for the edging.

Gonna put all three back into the box until I can find some time to complete them.  Now, I've got other things to do ....... Until then, take care!

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