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My free tutorials featured in Beading Gem's Journal

11th August 2013 (Sunday) @ 8.51pm

Hello again .......

Wow!  Looks like I'm in a habit of not updating my blog again.  It's the school semester break again, this time for 2 weeks which includes the public holidays for Hari Raya festival as well.  Although I do not have to send and fetch the children to and from school, I still have other commitments. The children have their own agendas as well.   As usual, I don't take a break by going for holidays but stayed at home instead.  The thought of having to drive and get stuck  with thousands of cars on highways during this period is a trying time and a waste of time just to get to our intended destination.  

 I have not been crafting, too, as I am busy writing wirework jewelry tutorials and still in the midst of taking the step-by-step photos.  

Anyway, here's just for sharing ........

My free tutorial on easy wire wrapped studs earring has been featured by Ms Pearl of  The Beading Gem's Journal recently.  The link is at 

  She also mentioned on another free tutorial ~  my Adjustable Wire Wrapped Ring which you can find at

You can also find another recent tutorial ~ Twisted Wire Beaded Cross Pendant at 

I hope anyone that comes across the above will try out the projects.  If you have any problems pertaining to the tutorial,  please email me at

Thank you for reading this. 
 Gotta stop here for now. 
 Till then, have a wonderful and productive week ahead 
and lastly, happy crafting! :D

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