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1st Attempt at Decoupage

29th September 2013 (Sunday) @ 8.57pm

Hi there!  I know I've been away for a while now.  And I have not been active doing wirework jewely as well, as my eye sight is not what it used to be a few years ago.  I will not totally give up doing wire jewelry, though, just that it will not be as often as before.

Just to share with you what I did for the past few weeks ...... from sourcing for the materials to the completed item.  This is my first attempt at Decoupage.  Firstly, I had to source for the paper napkins, mod podge, ceramic tiles (which I had to search from one tile shop to another to find the correct piece), etc.  

This is the end result ..... decoupage on a ceramic tile (as a coaster).  I had the flowers cut from the napkins, glue them on with mod podge and waited them to dry in between coats, glued felt padding on the bottom but they stucked together when I piled them up on each other so much so that the felt padding stuck on the tiles and had some of the fibres on it too.  I wonder what went wrong with it ....

This one is done on a rock with the image and words printed with my Canon printer.

And this one has egg shells glued on the bottle before I glued the flower paper.   Doesn't look very nice as I should have painted the bottle with another colour before applying the egg shells.  

Anyway, I am just experimenting decoupage with the above materials.  Let's see if I'll make another attempt as I still have some paper napkins left. 

Thanks for reading!

Until then,  take care and have a wonderful week ahead!

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