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Crochet Beaded Rope Patterns

1st November 2013 (Friday) @ 9.09pm

Hi ..... My apologies for not updating this blog often.   My creative juice has not been flowing smoothly so I kept away from doing wire jewelry.  Instead, I tried my hands with trying out the patterns for crochet beaded rope.   Patterns are aplenty and you can go crazy selecting them.   Here are a few photos to share with you of what I did.

Custom order - Mobile hangings with pewter charms, done for a teacher as a gift for her students.

These are a few of the patterns I tried out using whatever seed beads that I have in my stash.  I will usually use the normal glass seed beads to practice on the pattern just to see how they look after completion and will only use the high quality ones, once I decide on the pattern for my jewelry.  

The seed beads are first strung into the cotton thread a few at a time with needle attached to the thread.  A bead spinner is not used here as it involves the beads to be strung in a particular order according to it's colour and quantity.  If you are using one colour seed beads, then the bead spinner is useful.  Anyway, I don't own a bead spinner!   =)

Crochet Beaded Rope Bracelet done with size 11 seed beads in 2 colours.

As you can see from this photo, I did not use shop bought metal findings for the end caps but instead covered it with beaded end caps that I made myself.  Often when crafting, it is hard to find just the right way to finish a piece to suitably compliment the effort I have taken.  I can use these end caps to finish a necklace or bracelet  or some other things that need the use of end caps.    

A simple design beaded rope worn as double strand bracelet.

Alright!  It's about all I can share for the time being.  
Until then, take care and have a pleasant and wonderful weekend.

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Lucania Polis said...

Hi! I make beads crochet bracelets too and I'm findind a way to do bead caps too .., did you do those end caps with crochet or peyote?

SonDoras Miles said...

Beautiful! I'm new to crochet beading, I made my first bracelet August 29, 2015. I had to improvise because I ran out of beads on the cotton thread and I didn't have an end cap. How can I make the end bead cap? The stitch looks like peyote, but I'm not sure how to make the top portion. Any help is appreciated. you can reach me at or on instagram

Emily's Secret Passions said...

Hello to Lucania Polis and SonDoras Miles.

I would like to apologise for this very late response to your comments. You can refer to a YouTube video "Beaded End Cap from Beads East (Ann Benson) to learn the beaded end caps. I learned from there too.

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