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Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims all over the world

26th July 2014 (Saturday) @ 9.40am

Muslims everywhere will be celebrating Hari Raya in a couple of days after about nearly a month of fasting. Traffic slows to a crawl at several highways as city folk began the trip back to their hometowns for the Hari Raya celebration.  There would still be some folks rushing to make that final preparations before the big day. 

My goodself was not doing much crafting during the fasting month though.   During the fasting month (Bulan Ramadan), there would be stalls selling food and stuff at Pasar Ramadan.  Embarassing to mention this, but it was first time in my life that I visited a Pasar Ramadan in my housing estate although I have been residing here for 20 years. There is always a first time to everything, right!  The stalls here were mainly offering food and drinks and I made my way to a food stall that I was attracted to and bought some food.  Next was the drink stall which I bough "air bandung".    I visited quite a number of times during the month and now there's just not many stalls as stall owners have stopped selling and to begin their journey back to their hometowns.  

The one week holiday for Hari Raya is here to stay for all students until school reopens on 4th August.  I will not be going anywhere but intend to do some crafting as I've been neglecting my hobby to some extend.  :(

Hope to update more photos here.  Till then, have a wonderful holiday and have a pleasant and safe journey to wherever you may be heading.  


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