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My weekend project ...... Crocheting granny squares

23rd August 2014 (Saturday) @ 10.00pm


What's with the multicolour crochet flowers?  
They are actually my weekend project which started 3 - 4 weeks ago and I still have not completed them.  I just wanted to get rid of all the coloured cotton threads that I have in my craft box and this is the only way I am going to get rid of them.  

I am actually crocheting the flowers and going to turn them into granny squares.  Can't decide what to do with them yet, most probably a table mat, or a handbag (in this case, it would be a mini handbag as the granny squares are quite small and it will become a sample).  It will not be a blanket or afghan as it will take me ages to crochet the granny squares to make a large piece of blanket/afghan.  

These are some of the granny squares that I've crocheted and waiting to be attached.  

 So, for the time being I'll be crocheting many, many more of these puffy flowers and will update the photos in due course.  I'm taking a break from wirework jewelry making for the time being but I'll be back soon.  

Till then, I'm signing off here and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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