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1st March 2017 @ 9.30pm (Wednesday)

I did this crochet long beaded rope necklace awhile back.  You can't really see the design of the cats which I did in black and white with segments of coloured seed beads.  It is long enough to convert it into a multi strand bracelet as well.  I found this pattern on Pinterest but didn't know who the designer was, so credit goes back the original person who created this pattern.

Note:  The above was placed on fake grass carpet

 That's me in the photo :D

Below are photos of some completed crochet beaded rope necklace which 
was completed awhile back.

I made this slouchy beanie for my daughter who was preparing for her trip to Taiwan.  This is my first attempt at making a beanie so I was like searching for patterns on YouTube and the end result was a mixture from a few crocheters.

I like the look of the back portion.

Oops.... forgotten to adjust the beanie properly before snapping the photo.

Another slouchy beanie in grey with ribbed pattern.

This dark brown alternating front and back post crocheted beanie was for a newborn.

Well... that's about all that I can share for the moment.
  Will update as and when I have some new crafts.  

Happy crafting!

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