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Handmade Beaded & Woven Bags

These bags that you see here was made by me when my youngest two children were still toddlers. I had lots of time on my hand to indulge in my hobby. I had forgotten all about them as they were stashed away in a drawer in another room, so I thought I might as well post them in my blog. This hobby of mine including needlework, especially cross-stitch (thread and seed beads) has since long been forgotten. Still have lots of beads and DMC threads stashed away in a box. Some items have found new owners as I tend to give away when I do not have storage for them.

Beaded bag with zig-zag pattern and plastic handles. I've only used it twice as it's quite heavy.

This one is woven with wool on a plastic card and then joined together to make into a bag with a pair of wooden handles.

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