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A Visit To The Agrotech Exhibition in Paroi, Seremban

Hi everyone,

Did you have a nice and pleasant week? I hope so. My son, Wesley, pestered me to accompany him to the Agrotech Exhibition in Paroi (Next to Stadium Paroi) to have a view of the orchid exhibitions held there. Not only orchids were on sale but other things like fruits, vegetables, animals, etc. were exhibited. This event is held from 23rd to 26th of July 2009. the way, thanks to the two followers (you know who you are) who have been following my blog. Here are some pictures taken during our outing at the event.

That's me admiring the orchid plants. I wish I could cart all of them home!

These plants were already judged and given placings.

Pots of Phalaenopsis of various kinds.

Wesley with Mr Darren Yeo, Manager of Business Development for Waltex Biotec (World of Phalaenopsis)

Exhibitors' Tents

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