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Childhood Friends Reunion

Yohoo...... how's every one getting on lately? I'd like to apologise for not updating my blog with my wirework craftings. Being a bit lazy and the creative juice wouldn't flow smooth, so....
Anyway, here are some pics to share with you.

They are my friends from childhood days who came visiting to Seremban. They say since I couldn't make a trip to KL, they'll come up to visit me. It was sort of like a reunion as we have not seen each other for more than 10 years I would say. After our secondary school education, some went to pursue courses, found work, etc. Each of us being busy with our own families and career although we keep in touch via phone/email, the sort. We've got lots of things to talk about and hopefully to meet again soon.

(L - R: Myself, Tsui Fong, Doris & Daniella)

(L - R: Myself, Tsui Fong & Doris)

(L - R: Daniella, Tsui Fong & Myself)

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