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I've been featured ......

16th December 2012 @ 8.24pm

A big thank you to Ms Jane Chew, Editor
 of Handmade Jewelry Club for the feature.

All about jewelry making and handmade jewelry

Handmade Jewelry Club is an online jewelry making magazine created for DIY Fans, hobbyists and jewelry makers to learn and share the wonderful hobby or profession of jewelry making and beading. 

The club is founded by Jane Chew aka XQDesigns. The club gathers news and insights related to jewelry making tips, techniques, tutorial they have found on the net. The club also inspires people by highlighting talented artists and amazing jewelry creations from jewelry makers around the world. Through their eCommerce store DIY Lessons and membership site DIY Beading Club, XQDesigns together with other independant jewelry making author publishes paid jewelry making tutorials from time to time.  They are also an official affiliate to Interweave and Craftsy stores where they publish jewelry making projects from their site. 

You can also join their social media accounts at Twitter and Facebook.  To know further about the founder, go to  

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