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Happy New Year 2013

30th December 2012 (Sunday) @ 12.37pm

Hi ya, dear.

So, the world didn't come to an end after all and we have survived the end of the world apocalypse predicted by the Mayans.  As the last day of the year approaches, it provides an opportunity to pause and reflect.  Looking back at the year, I usually recall my goals for the year and my progress in relation to those goals.  

The past couple of months has been a busy one ..... attending a former school reunion gathering, writing wirework jewelry tutorials (for beginner's wire jewelry class which I conducted from home as well as for submission to an online jewelry making site) , crafting jewelries, trying to find my own jewelry signature style, entertaining immediate family members, etc.

While typing this, I also have the rice being cooked in the rice cooker, a pot of soup simmering in the multi-purpose cooker,  dirty clothes being washed and churning  in the washing machine, browsing the newspaper in between the lines (I am a freak multi-tasker), having the house painted (not by me but the painter), and checking on the painter from time to time so that they do a perfect job of painting my wall.  

The living room is bare of all furnitures and fittings and that leaves the room easier for the painter to carry out their work.    Right from where I'm sitting I can see my "work table" in the car porch with  a project which I temporarily abandon.  

I will be busier than ever when the new school semester commence on 2nd January 2013 and wondering whether I will still have time to do my crafting as well to write more tutorials.   

Have a blessed new year every one  and may 2013 be a great year for you and your family.   

Happy New Year to all!    


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