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Crochet Jewelry ~ Beaded Rope Lariat

15th December, 2012 (Saturday) @ 11.21am

Hi peeps, how are you?  It's been a busy month although it's the school semester break.  I've been trying to complete the items on my "To Do" list and hope to do it before the year ends.  New school semester will begin on the 1st week of January 2013 and its back to "work" again for me.  

Anyway, here's something I want to share......

A bead crochet rope lariat with leave fringe

It's something that I promised a friend and long overdue.

Stringing a length of about 16 feet of  white seed beads
 on a 100 yards of cotton thread.

Crocheting the seed beads  into a rope.

Adequate length, ready to weave the leave fringe onto it. 

In the midst of weaving the leaves.

The completed bead crochet rope lariat.

Okay, right after this I will have to put my mind to editing the step by step photos of my wirework pendant tutorial and hope to submit it to the editor of before end of this month.  

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful holiday ahead!

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liniecat said...

Those leafy ends are divine.........beautifult

Judy said...

Your crocheted rope lariat is gorgeous!! I am trying to learn how to do this and am so glad I found the link to your blog. Have a blessed day!



Emily's Secret Passions said...

Thank you for sharing Mariza. I appreciate it very much.

Emily's Secret Passions said...

Thank you to Liniecat & Judy for your compliments.

Roseni de Oliveira Saraiva Cruz said...

lindo amei ja estou te seguindo visite o meu também http//

Anonymous said...

noble white,very nice

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