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Abacus Cuff

This is a very simple cuff which I have not attempted before.
I named it "Abacus" because it looks like an abacus to me.
(Abacus: A frame with wires along which beads are slid for calculating,
In Bahasa Melayu, it's called a Sempoa)
The cuff (a sample) is constructed with 16 gauge artistic wire and embellished with black AB donut glass beads and small white faux pearls.
The width of the embellished cuff is
about 3 cm and it fits a size 6-7 inches wrist.

It fits snugly on my wrist (it's adjustable)

Top View

This cuff is a made to order piece.
Beads and colour of artistic wire could be replaced with preferred choice.

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