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Teardrop Lacey Pendants & Celtic Ear Studs (Custom Order))

Wow!!!! I think I've been away too long and you'd be wondering what happen to me. Well.... nothing happen though, it's just that I've been busy with some commissioned pieces for a customer and I've been doing just that. Am still at it but I thought I'd better write and post something here so that you'll know that am still standing on the face of this earth. =))
The weather is so hot nowadays, so much so that I prefer to stay indoors. Not that I like the weather but at times it is unavoidable when you have to leave the house to send and fetch the children from their places of activities. I think my complexion has gone two to three shades darker!!
Here is a picture of two teardrop pendants and celtic ear studs requested by my customer, FY.
Teardrop Pendants with Teardrop Swarovski Crystals in Sapphire & Clear AB, and a pair of Celtic Ear Studs made with Swarovski Pearls.

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pomgirl16 said...

how much are the teardrop pendants ?
those are so stunning

Emily's Secret Passions said...

Sorry for the delay in replying as I don't check the comment box very often. Please email me at if you're still interested in this piece.

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