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Woven Bezel Turquoise Pendant & Ear Cuffs

Hm......... thank God at last I managed to upload these pictures. Tried many, many times to upload today but was not successful due to uploading errors as well as problem with the internet explorer (IE). I've given up on IE, so in case you can't get into my blog, just try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Anyway, these pictures are for sharing.

Tried my hands at the single sided woven bezel (design by Lisa Barth) but this time with a triangular shape turquoise cabochon and silver wire as well as added some seed beads to the bottom frame. I think turquoise blue looks better with copper or brass (gold) wire.

I've never done any ear cuffs before so I tried my hands at it yesterday.

The above are a pair of ear cuffs done with brass wire and embellished with 6mm green/pink/blue cats's eye beads and pink gold beads.

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