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Wavy Cuff Bracelet

Hi ya.......have been doing the vanishing act again and now i'm back. The week long school holidays have come and gone and i've been stuck in Seremban with no where to go.
Today and yesterday was full of activities, not for me but for the children. Went to the memorial park for "Cheng Ming" prayers early yesterday morning to avoid the usual crowd. Woke up early again this morning to send two of them to school, waited for my son to get his UPSR monetary reward and then off to Jusco to shop for some revision books as well as to look for my jewelry magazines.
Now that the two boys are out of the house and with the daughter sleeping, I have some peace to myself for a little while before they're back. Talking 'bout jewelry magazines, they're hard to get over here in Seremban as there's no demand for them. I can be deemed lucky to get this copy in MPH. Been doing some on-line sourcing for materials for my wire jewelry,too, as well as to finish some commissioned pieces.

Anyway, not to bore you with my ramblings, i've posted this cuff bracelet which was completed quite some time ago.

The wavy design was sculptured with 16g artistic artistic wire and hammered for extra strength. 8mm Crackle glass beads and pink gold beads are hand-coiled onto the frame. Pre-coiled links are added to the side of the frame to connect with the hand-forged s-shape clasp.

It fits snugly on my wrist!

Top view of the cuff

Side view

Now that i've posted something here, am goin to do some surfing. Or read the magazine i just bought or ... but .... on second thoughts, i'd better have my forty winks before the boys are back.
I'm going to do the vanishing act again! Bye for now and happy reading !

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Louisa said...

how much? i like it

Emily's Secret Passions said...

Hi Louisa, sorry for this very late reply cos i've only checked the comments now. I would prefer all enquiries via my email ( Let me know if you're still interested in this piece. Thanks.

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